The Essential Negotiator

The Essential Negotiator has been designed for those for whom negotiation is fast becoming an important part of their role.

If your future success is increasingly about the agreements you are able to secure, The Essential Negotiator workshop provides an 8 step process. Why? To ensure that you can remember and apply everything you learn every time you negotiate; which is also why this experiential workshop is all about doing. So if it's structure, process, behaviours and confidence that you feel will make the difference to your negotiation performances, this is the place to start.

The Essential Negotiator provides all the skills required to engage or support those in your organisation during negotiations.

Delegate places available
Residential 2 Day course
Tutor/Delegate ratio
Delivered globally

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Of all the skills required in business there is one that transcends the rest. Negotiation. The Gap Partnership was founded in 1997. We specialise wholly and exclusively in negotiation through our world leading negotiation training and negotiation consulting services. It is this focus and clarity of approach that allows us to impart our in-depth knowledge to you, the client, without distraction.

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