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Up to 42% of the total potential value of a transaction is lost during negotiations. Our negotiation consultants turn the potential in any agreement into a reality. Easier said than done?

“The comprehensive and flexible nature of the consultants’ skill set always brings a fresh and experienced pair of eyes to the challenges we face”


The Gap Partnership is proud to be a member of the Management Consultancies Association (MCA), whose mission is to both promote the value of management consultancy, and maintain the highest standards of excellence within it.

Consulting Excellence

Our commitment to the “Consulting Excellence” framework - the hallmark for quality and value in the consulting industry – means our commitment to the highest standards of ethics, values and professionalism.

How we work

In a recent survey by management consultants CIL, our clients gave us a score of 94/100 when asked how well our negotiation consulting services support their negotiations. Find out more about how we help our clients here.

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The Gap Partnership specialises exclusively in negotiation. We influence the profitability and market value of over 600 global companies across the world’s largest economies. Through our negotiation consulting and negotiation training we provide tailored solutions to support their commercial negotiation needs and live negotiation challenges. Together with our clients we optimise the commercial opportunities they have created.

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